Saturday, 30 April 2016

Styling Bold Eyewear

For someone that is really not into accessories, I always have to remind myself to put on earrings.There are a few pieces that I am automatically drawn to, no need for deliberate reminders, and that is bold statement eyewear.
In today's post, my eyewear is provided by Dap Mod - A Nigerian based line. I was instantly drawn to their pieces that had so much character.
With my minimal ways when it comes to accessories, it was the perfect match.
I always love when I have at least one statement piece that calls for your attention. Dap Mod is that piece today.
I combined my love for bold eyewear with a random bandana and sports bra, for the first look. Then,went for a deep v jacket for the second look.
          Oh yeah, I am currently in braids and I am loving it.
                                                                              - W.


Sunday, 24 April 2016


With a team of 3, we took to the streets to shoot some 'The Keeper Of The Wardrobe'.
Dreaded the idea of shooting under the sun, but luckily we made it when the sun was just about setting.

Creative Direction & Photographer - Michelle Ellah
Makeup - Tamar Ellah
Model - Whitney Madueke

                                                                             - W.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Sometimes, I love leaving the detailing to my bags.
 I paired my Zara Vest and Shorts with these ankara bags from Y'Ray Designs.
These are perfect for adding detail to any outfit and with lots available, 
it was pretty hard to pick out these three. 
                                                                               - W.

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