Friday, 30 January 2015

Cool Kid

Who does not love an all black outfit? I felt like such a cool kid, running (well,not literally) around campus in this all black ensemble - Dad's Button-up Shirt from Re Union | Marc Leather Jacket | Zara Jeans | Primark Socks | Zara Boots

I love the versatility of pieces I buy and rocking them a million times in a month. That is one thing about my style - I am never afraid to rock the same thing more than once. I have rocked this shirt a lot this month. Partly, because it is my dads and the print and fabric are both awesome.
 I finally found jeans that fit me perfectly. I usually have the whole "legs fit but the waist too big" problem. I went shopping a few weeks ago and found these amazing pair of jeans. I was so happy to find my perfect fit. Now, Old Navy Jeans and Zara are my jeans spots. I am still going to try H&M and Mango. Fingers crossed.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Winter Wear

Sometimes, all you need is huge coat and killer boots to make up for lazy days.
It is freezing out here and I know -4 degrees Celsius is not anything to complain about, when I compare the weather to other countries. But in times like this, when all you want to do is stay in bed, possibly missing all your lectures, lazy outfits are my options.

Paired my Zara Coat with my Next Suede Thigh High Boots, a M&S Turtleneck and Old Navy Leggings, plus Primark Gloves.

Check out the short video I recorded on this look here



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

No Skin

I have been quiet for a while, as I just recently got back to Reading after my lovely holiday in Nigeria. It was great spending time with family, friends and most of all eating my size away. It was super warm (well, hot) and I miss the sun on my back during afternoon walks. But, it is great to be back.

After, a long awaited delivery, I FINALLY got my suede thigh high boots. It took a lot of research and dedication to find these affordable pairs; as a lot out there, was wayyyy beyond my budget.

What better way than to rock these Next Thigh High Boots, than with a Next Fringed Knit Top , M&S Turtleneck, Old Navy Leggings and a lovely Asos belt. It is pretty cold now, little to no skin options are the best... Oh! and I am currently rocking my Yarn braids in a high ponytail.



Friday, 2 January 2015

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!
2014 was a great year, starting off with a lovely feature on BGLH and ending with a lovely news of being featured as a Top 100 Natural Hair Vlogger. 2014 will definitely be remembered as the year I accomplished so much and grew as a person.
To celebrate the new year, my family and I started off with a lovely mass in church to make our way into 2015. Later on, we had a lovely dinner with my uncle and cousins at The Intercontinental Hotel.
I am definitely looking forward to 2015 and all its precious moments. To new beginnings and to more blessings.

Xoxo from Macy's Dress | Zara Heels

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