Saturday, 30 April 2016

Styling Bold Eyewear

For someone that is really not into accessories, I always have to remind myself to put on earrings.There are a few pieces that I am automatically drawn to, no need for deliberate reminders, and that is bold statement eyewear.
In today's post, my eyewear is provided by Dap Mod - A Nigerian based line. I was instantly drawn to their pieces that had so much character.
With my minimal ways when it comes to accessories, it was the perfect match.
I always love when I have at least one statement piece that calls for your attention. Dap Mod is that piece today.
I combined my love for bold eyewear with a random bandana and sports bra, for the first look. Then,went for a deep v jacket for the second look.
          Oh yeah, I am currently in braids and I am loving it.
                                                                              - W.


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