Friday, 29 May 2015

Back at it!

         Finally done with exams,woohoo, and I am looking forward to graduation. Who knew finding graduation worthy outfits would be so hard? or maybe I have lost my mojo. I hope not! with my recent love for just makeup and shoes. Anyways, I will spare you the details of my graduation shopping.
              I have been trying to get back to blogging and my youtube life; I decided to shoot at this lovely spot near my law school - I am wondering why I just discovered it. Its almost summer, which is my favorite season, I went for a really simple laid back look. Wearing my hair in the best twistout of my natural hair life (dont worry I will be sharing it here, just keep watch); a Monki bodysuit; Vero Moda Leather Jacket; My brother's Levi jeans I cut into shorts; Toyshades sunglasses; Pieces Backpack and Converses.


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